Today, Reinhart Foodservice, L.L.C. launches its first “Best of Reinhart Country” recipe contest

As part of its quarterly publication, Restaurant Inc, The Business of Food, Reinhart created “Best of Reinhart Country”. “We launched our Restaurant Inc magazine to give our customers the tips, trends and information they need to make their operations more successful. Since then, we have featured over a hundred operators in some of the most vibrant culinary scenes across our Reinhart locations,” says Eric Cronert, Reinhart Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “Now, we are searching for the best recipes from our operators and want to take the opportunity to share and celebrate what makes our great operators and their menus unique and successful.”

The five categories are:

  • Appetizers – From wings to mozzarella sticks, tuna poke to mussels, share your top appetizer.
  • Sides – Whether you opt for a healthy salad or splurge on some lobster mashed potatoes, we want your best.
  • Cocktails – Think you have the perfect drink? Whether it includes alcohol or entices the designated driver is up to you, but this beverage must be out-of-this-world good!
  • Burgers – Bring on the patty, bring on the toppings and bring out the condiments – and most importantly, get creative!
  • Desserts – Every good meal comes with dessert, and we want your sweet concoctions.

Operators can nominate themselves or other foodservice operators at www.rfsdelivers.com/bestofcontest, through November 23, 2015. In order to qualify, participants must submit information about the dish, the recipe and submit a short essay as to why it’s the best. Reinhart will select five finalists for each category. From there, one grand prize winner per category will be chosen. Each of the five grand prize winners will receive a $2,000 purchase credit from Reinhart as well as coverage in the Spring edition of Restaurant Inc magazine.

Complete eligibility requirements and contest rules can be seen here.