This is IMA

Our Mission

At IMA, we leverage insights to differentiate and create value with integrity, working with our distributor alliance to distinguish them as the best in the food service industry.

Our Vision

We believe in providing innovative and effective solutions for our distributor alliance, applying business planning, negotiation, innovation and brand expertise, and delivering thought leadership to advocate on their behalf so they can deliver superior top line and bottom line results. IMA creates differentiated brands, quality tiers, and great value through brand stewardship, providing your sales forces with confidence in selling and in turn providing trust and reliability to your operators.


IMA was founded in 2001so its members could pool their resources to compete with the combined strength of a national entity while retaining their independence. But prior to that idea, our foundation was set by IMA’s members, whose history reaches back into great family businesses in American food service. Each of our member companies started with their own niche, then each independently grew into strong, regional distributors.

Today, IMA’s results speak volumes.IMA members now deliver from more than 70 warehouse distribution centers across the United States, employing thousands, and achieving approximately $22 billion in combined sales revenue. While we compete daily to sell our products across the country, we continue to develop new and innovative products to support the needs of our customer base resulting in greater opportunities in all business segments.

We offer exclusive brandsin categories of food and non-food products relied upon by the restaurant and hospitality industries. True to its members’ histories and single visionary idea, IMA’s future looks stronger than ever.