IMA is a unifying force in the industry, aligning food manufacturers with distributors’ and operators’ needs. Our goal is to improve top line growth and increase the bottom line results for all the businesses we serve, all leading to consumer satisfaction.

Partnership Benefits


By working closely with manufacturers and our members, IMA has helped develop unique offerings. These exclusive brands differentiate us from others, creating loyalty for all the businesses we serve.


Meeting the needs of different operators requires a variety of tiered offerings, but a preferred standard in each tier. IMA is able to help manage RFPs to optimize the value and profitability for all.

quality, consistency, availability

Ensuring the ready availability of consistent, high-quality food service products is critical to our members and their operators. Our thorough qualitative and quantitative process reviews helps make sure we accomplish it. Our manufacturers routinely deliver on all three, which further distinguishes IMA and its manufacturers as trusted partners.


Fairness and accountability is key to mutual success – whether ensuring quality or following through on case orders. That’s why being an expert in all aspects of food service allows us to balance cost of goods, market demands and fair market pricing to benefit manufacturers, distributors, operators and consumers alike.

“IMA has exclusive brands that only we offer. Having product that the operators know will make them stand out and bring people back is what makes us different. That’s important.”

Added Value

Partnering with IMA means expanding your network and growing your opportunities with our Distributor Alliance. Suppliers who partner with IMA have exclusive access to key decision makers and influencers in foodservice. IMA hosts multiple events throughout the year to make introductions, facilitate one-on-one time, and provide a platform for our Supplier Partners to educate our Distributor Alliance.

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